About Us

" A problem shared is a problem halved "

I wish I would have realised this long before I did, it may have saved me from almost becoming one of the 6 Australian men that take there own life every day.

That’s right, I tried to kill myself ! All because I was to afraid to talk to someone and tell them how I felt and how I was struggling. 

That is way to many Dads, Brothers, Uncles and Sons killing themselves every day. You could imagine the number of family members and friends that are directly affected by these deaths as well. It has to stop! 

We have to get blokes to talk and I believe I can help.

“Been There, Done That, Let’s Chat” is an online service for men that I have come up with that I believe will help 1000’s of men around Australia and eventually help men worldwide.

How can this website help you?

  • This is a forum where men can vent their problems and get responses and comments in real time from other members who may have had the same problems.
  • Weekly webinars where I will be live online answering and discussing an array of questions and issues with the members.
  • Each Month there will be a well known Australian identity interviewed by myself. This interview will be a chat about the problems they have in their lives and how they overcome it or plan to overcome it. My idea is to make the everyday Aussie bloke realise that everyone has some sort of issue or problem, even people in society that you think have it all together. I believe this will encourage men to open up about there own problems. I have a number of these interviews already done and many more booked in.
  • Our goal is to provide the first step to helping men, which is getting them to talk and share their problems. Once we have done this and they are comfortable with that we can then move onto the next step.

    This will involve helping them become a better version of themselves, that being physically and mentally.

    I am going to change the lifestyle of Australian men for the better!